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JINGHAN PROPERTY is a Real estate development company that specializes in low-density independent houses and townhouses, as well as commercial property development such as kindergartens. The company's founder, Jerry Zhang, has extensive experience in the real estate industry and a successful business background. His leadership and innovative thinking have made the company a leader in the industry.

As a company committed to providing high-quality properties, JINGHAN PROPERTY pays close attention to the details of design and construction, as well as the maintenance and management of properties. The company strives to create properties and services that meet the needs of customers and communities, thereby earning their trust and support.

In addition to developing low-density independent houses and townhouse.

JINGHAN PROPERTY also focuses on commercial property development, such as kindergartens. The company's mission is to provide high-quality education and childcare services to young families, helping them to take care of their children with peace of mind in their busy lives. The company emphasizes the safety and comfort of the kindergarten environment, as well as the innovation of education quality and curriculum content.

JINGHAN PROPERTY is committed to becoming a leading real estate company that provides high-quality properties and services to customers and communities. Our success depends on our attention to detail and our understanding of customer needs.

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Tel: +61403214096

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